Mid-Year Bookish Favourites

Mid-Year Bookish Favourites

I’m pleased to say that so far this year I have read 73 books out of my target of 100 (according to Goodreads that’s 17 books ahead of schedule). I have decided that  it’s time to share with you a list of my favourite reads from various categories and genres. I recommend every book on this list and absolutely insist that you immediately buy and read all of them.

Favourite New Fantasy Series


Brent Weeks is a genius. His Lightbringer series is completely refreshing and individual, the magic system is based on converting, or drafting, light to make tangible things. You can read my full review of the first book, The Black Prism, here. There are currently three books released (all over 700 pages in length) and book four is due to be release on October 25th this year! Excited doesn’t even cover it.

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