Writing Prompt Challenge

Writing Prompt Challenge

Recently I have struggled a little with my writing, blog or otherwise, and have decided to remedy this using Writing Prompts to inspire me. I found the below prompt here.

After the first snowfall of a year, a man who lives alone in the woods sees a giant set of footprints leading up to his barn.


Alfred woke up aching. He always did. The last twenty years had been rough, though his mind was sharp his body was broken. The ache sat deep in his bones, harsher than usual. Looking through his small, grimy window he saw why. The snow outside was thick and white, soft powder filling up half the pane and giving the light a brighter quality than he was used to. The cold always made it worse. Moving slowly, he carefully rested his feet in his slippers and used the gnarled staff by the headboard to pull himself standing. His apothecary cabinet was on the other side of the small hut he called his home and he painstakingly made his way towards it and the salvation that lay inside.

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