Book Review: The Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner

Book Review: The Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner

I am addicted. Addicted to Raye Wagner’s wonderful writing.

curseofthe sphinx

Last month, I saw on YouTube that Raye Wagner was offering a free e-copy of her book, Curse of the Sphinx, if you signed up to her newsletter. I checked it out, signed up and received not only Curse of the Sphinx but a free copy of her novella Origins of the Sphinx as well. I was chuffed but didn’t get around to reading them for a couple of weeks.

Hope isn’t like normal girls, she lives under a curse that keeps her constantly on the move. Then the worst thing that could happen does and Hope is left alone for the first time. She is being hunted but maybe not everything is as bad as it seems?

I was hooked from page one. Curse of the Sphinx ties together some many different things I love to experience in fiction. Greek mythology, school settings, realistic fight scenes, monsters, and steak. This exciting and fast-paced book has it all! I flew through this book and quickly moved onto the novella, devouring that as well. I bought the sequel, Demigods and Monsters, and enjoyed it even more than the previous books – possibly because of the cool training sequences and intricate fight scenes. I think it took me about four days to get through all three books.

I have given the series so far a solid 4/5 stars (it would be 4.5 but I don’t believe in half stars) and cannot wait to read the next book – I NEED IT! Let me know if you’ve read this series, what was your favourite part?

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