Top Five Wednesday: Settings I Want To See More Of

Top Five Wednesday: Settings I Want To See More Of

Top 5 Wednesday is a group hosted over on GoodReads. Everyweek there is a new bookish topic and this week’s is Settling You Want To See More Of, you can check the group out here.


1. Small Town USA

I have never been to a small USA town but I absolutely love reading about them. It’s so weird, and I’m always surprised by how alien they are to me.

2. Schools of Magic

Do I really need to explain this one? What is cooler than school for learning magic? I love everything about it.

3. Politically Unstable Fantasy Worlds

I live for this kind of world. I love the intracacies of imaginary politics and watching people play the game without loosing themselves in the process.

4. Other Londons

London, but with a twist. I love reading about the dark and magical underside of London.

5. The Middle Of Nowhere

I love reading about people who have been stranded and their journeys home.

If you want any recommendations for books with any of the settlings above, let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Settings I Want To See More Of

  1. Have you ever heard of the BBC drama Undone? It’s a twisted version of London and quite fun audio drama
    and there’s always Neverwhere, but I bet you’ve read that 😉

  2. I find this really funny because I live in a middle of nowhere, small, USA farm town so I find that setting super relaxed and nothing special but absolutely LOVE stories that take place in Europe, especially London and Scotland.

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