Top 5 Wednesday: Book Theme Songs

Top 5 Wednesday: Book Theme Songs

This week’s topic for Top 5 Wednesday is Book Theme Songs, songs that you closely associate with a particular book.

Hedwig’s Theme and Harry Potter


Yes, this one is obvious but it is impossible for me to think of one without thinking of the other. You can watch Hedwig’s Theme here.

Goodnight Demon Slayer and The Raven Cycle


I love this song and I feel like it totally meshes with The Raven Cycle, particularly the last book! You can watch Goodnight Demon Slayer here.

Warriors and Shadows of the Apt


I am loving Coco and the Butterfields at the moment and think that their song Warriors completely sums up the fighting spirit in this series and the sense of camaraderie. Watch the awesome music video here.

Boys In Books Are Better and The Huger Games


This original song by Carrie Hope Fletcher features Harry Potter, Twilight, Pride and Prejudice and The Hunger Games. For some reason I tend to think of it at the same time as The Hunger Games. Watch the awesome video here.

Running Through Rivers and Anything By David Nicholls


Another original song by Carrie Hope Fletcher is Running Through Rivers and her video features David Nicholls’ books. Now, when I read any of his books I can’t help but think of the song. You can watch the video here.

I struggled with this topic a little because I don’t really tend to associate songs with things but I had fun doing it. What song would you pick for a book? Let me know.

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