The Fanfiction Tag!

The Fanfiction Tag!

I love to read fiction and fanfiction just takes that to the next level. This tag was created by YouTuber and author Jen Campbell, you can watch her original video here.


Do you read or write fanfiction? And why?

I do both read and write fanfic. I’m mainly a reader, though the quantity has died down over the last few years.

How and when did you discover fanfiction? How old were you?

I think I was about fourteen, completely obsessed with Harry Potter and looking for ways to get my fix. I started looking at fanart on google and one image lead me to some fanfic. I stopped doing anything else at that point.

How has fandom and fanfiction evolved since you found it?

I feel that they are far more mainstream and ‘normal’ now. People don’t look at me funnily anymore when I say I read fanfiction or turn up in a Hogwarts tee. Even Primark sell fandom clothing now.

Do you still engage with it the way you used to?

I honestly try not to read fanfiction anymore, I find it too difficult to stop once I start. The best way to read lots of books is to avoid getting sucked into the dark and twisty labyrinth of fanfiction.

Which fandoms do you enjoy reading / writing?

I’m mainly a Harry Potter junkie but have been know to dabble into Firefly, NCIS and Buffy. I’ve only ever written for Harry Potter though.

Who are your OTPs?

There’s no judgement here, right?

Fanfic OTPs: Snape / Hermione (Harry Potter), Spike / Buffy (Buffy), Gibbs / DiNozzo (NCIS) and Jayne / Kaylee (Firefly).

Other General OTPs: Lizzy Bennet / Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Cress / Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles), Blue / Gansey (The Raven Cycle), Che / Thalric *squees* (Shadows of the Apt), Baz / Simon (Carry On), Holly / Artemis (Artemis Fowl).

I get very invested in other people’s fictional relationships.

Have you told anyone that you write fanfiction?

Well, I have now. I don’t usually let people I know read my fanfic *dies of embarrassment*.

What does fanfiction mean to you?

It means remaining immersed in my favourite books and telly programs. I get to experience Hogwarts a thousand different ways and from a thousand different perspectives.

Do you prefer canon-based fanfiction or AU?

I much prefer canon, I don’t really like Alternate Universe fanfiction. I like stories to starts in a recognizable place in the world. Changing something major often takes away a lot about what I love in the fandom to begin with.

Tell us about a fanfiction you have read or written.

The first piece of fanfic I ever read was called The Smallest Slytherin by Rebecca Webb and it was absolutely brilliant with illustrations and awesome graphics. Slytherin House becomes one huge dysfunctional family and it was a terrific read.

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One thought on “The Fanfiction Tag!

  1. Nice! I love fanfiction! Merlin, Les Mis, X Men, you name it. I have a friend who’s such a Spike/Buff fan! I used to ship Buff/Angel, then thought Spike was better for her, while Angel should be with Cordelia!

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