Books My Other Half Should Read

Books My Other Half Should Read

My other half doesn’t read as much as I do. It means that when I finish a book I tell him that he just HAS to read it and by the time he picks a new book, I’ve forgotten what I recommended in the first place. Today I’m going to be recommending books for him to read that I have physical copies of here; a few books he would like are audiobooks and there are lots in boxes at my mum’s house. I’ll revise this list when I’m finally reunited with the rest of my lovelies.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman


I’m not 100% sure that he hasn’t already read this but thought I would include it just in case. American Gods is the first Neil Gaiman book I read and was the one to get me hooked on his writing. This one is a great mix of modern day and deities. It’s one I think he’ll enjoy a lot.

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley


I read this book in January as part of my Winter Biannual Bibliathon and loved it. It is a weird combination of magic, spies and foreign policy. It is a fast paced and exciting read that I think my fiance will really enjoy.

The Final Empire (Mistborn Book One) by Brandon Sanderson


This book has one of the most original magical systems I have ever read about. Not everyone can do magic (or Allomancy) and those who can normally only have one skill. Unless you’re a Mistborn. This is a brilliant fantasy series unlike anything I have ever read.

The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


I believe my other half started to read this and then put it down. He really needs to pick it back up again! This is the first book in the Kingkiller Chronicles and it is a fantasy masterpiece. This also has a brilliant magical system and one I think he would really enjoy. The story-telling is sublime and completely riveting.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman


We started watching the TV adaptation of this book and he seems to enjoy it. All I could think while watching was ‘The Book is so much better!’ I really want him to read this trilogy because I think he would enjoy it so much more. It’s basically Hogwarts for adults, how can you beat that?

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


This one I’m a little uncertain about, whilst it’s kind of YA it’s also kind of not. It’s the story of a brilliant heist. The sheer attention to detail is astounding and I think he might like it!

Hope you enjoyed this list! Hopefully it will get him reading!

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