Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I had such a great time reading this book! Cinder by Marissa Meyer is the first book in a sci-fi retelling series and it was absolutely fantastic. I always think I’m going to enjoy a fairy-tale retelling but this is the first one that has actually followed through.


Cinder is a cyborg. In New Beijing that means she’s a second-class citizen and the property of her adoptive step-mother. She works hard as a mechanic and has two friends in the world; her youngest step-sister Peony and an android with a defective personality chip. Her life is turned upside down when the Prince visits her stall and her sister contracts the ‘Plague’.

This story is fast-paced, exciting, and has an excellent villain. While staying true to the basic plot of Cinderella, Meyer made the story completely her own. The setting is amazing, reminiscent of our world and yet so different. The world has been torn apart by another two World Wars and has put itself back together as best it can.

The characters are great as well, some likable and some not, but all interesting. I particularly liked the scientist in charge of the ‘Plague’ research, he was completely mad and I hope to see more of him in the next book ‘Scarlet‘.

Overall, I gave Cinder 5/5 stars and would definitely recommend it to anyone who fancies a fairy-tale retelling. You’ll blast through it, I read all 380 pages in two days flat.

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