Top Ten: Harry Potter Characters

Top Ten: Harry Potter Characters

I am currently in a Harry Potter frenzy. I’m always thinking about Harry Potter but sometimes it’s more intense than others. At the moment it is constantly on my mind so I have decided to write up my Top Ten Harry Potter Characters.


10. RUBEUS HAGRID … Hagrid is a constant throughout the books, he’s always there for Harry and intensely loyal. One of the main reasons I love him is how melodramatic he is; he’ll fly off the handle at one criticism of Dumbledore and takes everything to heart. I particularly love it when he’s drunk.

9. ARTHUR WEASLEY … How can you not love Mr. Weasley? His fascination with muggles is hugely entertaining, as his parenting style. He was excited when he found out that Fred, George and Ron nicked the flying Ford Anglia and is always trying to keep his kids out of trouble with Mrs. Weasley.

8. MAD-EYE MOODY … I love Moody for his (not unwarranted) paranoia. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. His suspicion makes for interesting reading, normally making you think something sinister is happening – even when it’s not. I also love his cautionary tales: “Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know.”

7. BILL WEASLEY … The eldest Weasley sibling is possibly the coolest person in the Wizarding World. He is a bad-ass Curse Breaker, scouring Ancient Egyptian tombs for treasure and looking damn fine in the process. Long hair, fang earring and dangerous job. No wonder he attracted Fleur’s attention.

6. NYMPHADORA TONKS … She has a dangerous job as an Auror and is still the clumsiest person I have ever read about. Mrs. Weasley fears her help in the kitchen and sharp objects are not safe around her. I also like the fact that she is a metamorphmagus, an ability that is passed on to her son.

5. REMUS LUPIN … Harry’s favourite DADA professor and one of his father’s best friends. Lupin is a wonderful guy but can never see his own worth. He always has something interesting to say and can be relied upon for a cup of tea.

4. MINERVA MCGONAGALL … Professor McGonagall is the most kick-ass professor to have ever roamed the halls of Hogwarts. She is strict but fair, an animagus, awesome at magic, and a Quidditch fanatic. I love her interjections when Lee Jordan is providing Quidditch commentary: “JORDAN! ARE YOU BEING PAID TO ADVERTISE FIREBOLTS? GET ON WITH THE COMMENTARY!”

3. HERMIONE GRANGER … She is the brains of the Golden Trio and definitely my favourite of the three. She always looks out for Harry and Ron, even if that means they end up hating her for it. I admire her dedication and her brain waves. I love it when she dashes off to the library, leaving mid-sentence and never properly explaining herself.

2. SIRIUS BLACK … Padfoot is by far my favourite Marauder. He’s good fun to be around but can be prone to sirius mood swings. He is a wild card and it was such a shame that he had to be cooped up all the time. How cool would it be to be able to turn into a dog?

1. SEVERUS SNAPE … The sneering  Potions professor is by far the most interesting character in Harry Potter. He has a complicated past and is stuck with conflicting feelings. Not to mention his one-liners: “Yes, it is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education have not been wasted on you, Potter. Ghosts are transparent.”

Who is your favourite Harry Potter character? I would love to know.

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