A Muggleborn in Hogwarts

A Muggleborn in Hogwarts

It is every Harry Potter fan’s dearest wish to get their Hogwarts letter and be engulfed in the wizarding world. It would be spectacular and, having read the books, you would know what to expect. I just want to take a moment to talk about how scary it must be for actual muggleborn students to dive into this new world; they haven’t read Harry Potter and would have no idea what this new world has to offer.


It’s all very well sending a Hogwarts professor to break the news of this hidden world to muggleborns and their families. An afternoon of explanation seems hardly adequate to introduce someone to the wizarding world. I’d be in such a state of shock that I’d probably think I’d made the whole thing up. I like to think that the new student would be given lots of detailed pamphlets and offered a guide (maybe an older student) to go with them to Diagon Alley. I’d also like a recommended reading list to explain things in more detail. Books on Wizarding Traditions and Customs would be handy and maybe some literature about Hogwarts and Magic for parents to read.

Even with all this preparation I would be terrified on the day. Eleven years old, leaving home for the first time, going into a brand new world of magic. Scary but tremendously exciting. It would be nice if your guide acted like a buddy, an older student you could go to with any questions or embarrassing concerns. It would be incredibly helpful if your buddy was also a muggleborn, able to explain  things in terms you understand and can relate to.

I like to think that all these things are available for young wizards and witches new to the wizarding world and just weren’t mentioned in the books. Harry would have greatly benefited from a system like this, maybe he was overlooked because he wasn’t a muggleborn?

I spend a great deal of time, usually at night, thinking about things like this. When we shared a room, my sister and I used to have very in depth discussions about anything and everything in the wizarding world. Usually when we were supposed to be asleep. What do you think it would be like to be a muggleborn new to Hogwarts?

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