The Sorting Hat’s New Song

The Sorting Hat’s New Song

When Pottermore first hit the web in 2012 the excited masses got the chance to be officially sorted into their Hogwarts House. Like many people, I was seriously excited and unsurprised to be sorted in to Slytherin. I had always considered myself to be a Slytherin and proud of it; ambitious, resourceful, and cunning. Work smarter not harder. I own a ton of Slytherin merchandise and had never seriously regarded any other house as worth being a part of.

Pottermore recently relaunched and brought the chance to be resorted. Imagine my surprise when I was pushed out of Slytherin and placed firmly into Ravenclaw. At first, I was outraged! How dare I be sorted into a new house? A Hogwarts House is for life. Right? It took me a little while to calm down but I eventually realised that I have changed a lot in four years. I had a good look at the traits that exemplify Ravenclaw and found it to be a pretty good match. I also realised that the Slytherin traits don’t really apply to me anymore. I’ve mellowed.

Intelligent. Wise. Sharp. Witty. Individual. These are the Ravenclaw traits listed on Pottermore. It sounds really big headed to say that I consider myself intelligent, but I do. Not crazy, genius intelligent but I don’t need help tying my shoelaces. I do not consider myself wise though, I’m hoping that comes with time. I’m pretty sharp and I value wit, particularly in my friends. I imagine I would do quite well in amongst the banter of the common room. I love that individuality is a Ravenclaw trait. I’ve always done my own thing (it usually involved a book) and find you learn so much more about the world when surrounded by people who are not afraid to be different.

A love of reading is something that I have always thought as synonymous with Ravenclaw. Reading is my favourite thing to do, I’m surprised I didn’t consider Ravenclaw in the first place. I’m now very happy with my rehousing and will have to invest in a new scarf.


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