Inside Out Book Tag

Inside Out Book Tag


This book tag is based off the characters from Disney’s Inside Out. I adored this film and though it would be fun to do the tag!

joyWhich book brings you the most joy? This answer is most definitely Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. I’ve loved this book ever since I was little. The sheer whackiness of the story never ceases to amaze me. Alice’s crazy adventures will probably stick with me for the rest of my life; this book taught me to think outside the box and to dream of a better world. It brings me so much joy to read, as do the brilliantly adapted films by Disney.


Which book disgusts you the most? Although I enjoyed reading it, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis truly disgusted me at times. The entire book is told in painstaking detail, Patrick Bateman describes his breakfast in the same way he tells us about torturing prostitutes. To him, it’s all normal. That is what disgusted me. By the time I finished reading this book I was horrified to realise that it had no plot. I had read all about Bateman’s life and there was no story line in sight. I was mortified.

 fearWhich book scared you the most? I do not enjoy being scared. I don’t intentionally read horror so my answer to this question may seem a little bit whimpy. The most scared I have been whilst reading was the first time I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K.Rowling. The opening chapter terrified me! It made me jumpy and nervous; I had to speed on to the next chapter to try and forget about it! The next few times I read it, I had to skip the first chapter entirely.


Which book made you cry the most? For me, this is a two way tie. The first is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. This book is about a boy who is losing his mother to cancer; the way he deals with it made me bawl my eyes out. The second is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. It is an historical fiction that switches between modern day and WWII Soviet Union. An old woman tells her daughters her life story for the first time. The horrors she went through absolutely broke me.


Which book annoyed you the most? This is a bit of a weird one for me, it wasn’t the story that annoyed me but the publishers instead. Running Girl by Simon Mason is a YA mystery starring a teen-aged genius. It was a pretty good read and I gave it 3/5 stars. In the UK it was published by David Fickling Books. This book references murder, drugs, and rape. The publisher gave it an enormous font size and made it look suitable for 9-12 year olds. This made me incredibly angry because the book could have very easily been picked up and read by age groups it really wasn’t suitable for. It’s the same kind of anger I get when I find an adult book in the children’s section. Just because and author has written YA does not mean all their books fall into that category.

I hope you enjoyed reading my version of the Inside Out book tag. Which book brings you the most joy? Let me know.

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