Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir is an absolute triumph. I just finished listening to the unabridged audio book (narrated by the incredible R.C.Bray) and am so glad I chose to experience the book in this format. I listened to the whole thing in two days – I even cleaned my entire flat so that I would have an excuse to listen to this book.


The Martian starts on Mars where we hear from astronaut Mark Watney, he has been left behind. The Aries Three crew had to perform an emergency evacuation from the surface of Mars in a very dangerous sandstorm. It meant the end of the mission and the crew thinking that Watney was dead. A bizarre series of events meant that Watney survived and awoke to find himself alone. On Mars. How will he survive?

The book is mainly made up of Watney’s daily logs with some normal narration of what’s happening at NASA as well as some description of what the rest of the Aries Three crew were up to. The writing style was vastly different between Watney’s log and the normal narration, this gave Watney a very distinct personality. I was shocked at how funny this book was. Weir gave Watney a very humorous  outlook on his very bleak position, I often found myself giggling as I listened to Watney’s daily logs.

As well as being amused, I was kept on the edge. I was a kept in a constant state of suspense, I was completely invested in Watney and his survival. Too much suspense in a book can often take enjoyment away but Weir also kept me hopeful. The Martian is a written marvel, told perfectly and a real experience.

This excellent novel was only improved by R.C.Bray’s wonderful narration. He really captured Watney’s personality and voice. I felt like I was actually listening to a recording of Watney’s log, it felt so real.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was funny, engaging and felt completely realistic. I gave it 5/5 stars and think it may just be one of the best books I have ever experienced.

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