Day Five: Winter Biannual Bibliathon

Day Five: Winter Biannual Bibliathon

I did not have a great day for reading yesterday, I was very easily distracted and did not manage to finish my book, The Rook by Danial O’Malley, as I had hoped to. What I did read of it I enjoyed. I went into this book blind for the’judge a book by its cover’ challenge and am very glad that I did.

A woman wakes up in the body of Myfawny Thomas under unusual circumstances, she has no memory of anything. Luckily Myfwany had planned for this eventuality and left a series of letters cluing her new occupant in on what is going on. Myfawny has been trapped inside a conspiracy and it needs to be figured out. She is also a high ranking member of a supernatural secret service dedicated to keeping Britain safe from anything unnatural. Sounds pretty good, eh?

So far, it is a great story with lots of intrigue, action, and a vast array of unusual powers. I hope to finish it soon and will let you know my final thoughts. I am beginning to think that I may not quite finish my sixth and final book inside my seven day time limit but I will do my level best. Either way, this has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience so far.

Progress Update

  • Pages Read Day Five: 336
  • Total Pages Read: 1738
  • Challenges Completed: 5

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