Day Three: Winter Biannual Bibliathon

Day Three: Winter Biannual Bibliathon

Yesterday was day three in my read-a-thon and a day filled with Terry Pratchett. I managed to finish reading Guards! Guards! and start on The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.

I absolutely adored Guards! Guards!. It was wonderfully surreal and fantastical but still managed to greatly resemble real life. Terry Pratchett brought many and varied characters to life and developed them fully. The story line made ironic use of traditional tropes, making them seem ridiculous. The writing was colourful with many a clever turn of phrase and every character had its own distinctive voice. I would recommend this book to anyone (as it has been recommended to me, qualifying it for the ‘recommended more than once’ challenge). Overall, I gave it 5/5 stars.

Last night, I also started reading The Invasion of the Tearling for the ‘favourite genre’ challenge -although I am well aware that all my chosen books fall under my favourite genre, fantasy. I had aimed to read about 200 pages last night but overestimated my reading speed. I only managed about a hundred before falling asleep, but they were a hundred pages I enjoyed very much indeed.

Progress Update

  • Pages Read Day 2: 354
  • Total Pages Read: 998
  • Challenges Completed: 4

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