Day One: Winter Biannual Bibliathon

Day One: Winter Biannual Bibliathon

Yesterday was the first of seven days in the Winter Biannual Bibliathon and, despite it being a rather busy day, I got off to a pretty good start. My chosen starting book was Soundless by Richelle Mead (author of the Vampire Academy series). This was the group book for the read-a-thon and the only specific book I’m being challenged to read this week. I aimed to finish it in the first 24 hours and am please to say that I accomplished just that.

I enjoyed the plot of this novel tremendously and had a constant need to find out what was about to happen. It was exciting, adventurous and incredibly interesting. I learnt a lot about historical Chinese culture and their social interactions. The majority of this book was very pleasing, however I found myself very uninterested in the characters themselves. I developed no particular attachments to any of the protagonists and felt that character development was in very short supply. The only character I found remotely interesting was a supporting female who only appeared for a scant few chapters.

Overall, I gave Soundless 3/5 stars. I really enjoyed the actual story telling and would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys an historical or folklore feel in fantasy.

For day two, I will be reading Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer as part of the ‘reread a series’ challenge. I hope to have it finished by midnight at the latest.

Total Pages Read: 266

Keep reading (I know I will)



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