Eurovision Twitterati

Eurovision Twitterati

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New Queen of Europe Conchita with her coveted Eurovision. Photo: EILE Magazine. New Queen of Europe Conchita Wurst with her coveted Eurovision trophy. Photo: EILE Magazine.

I have a new idol. Her name is Conchita. Not only does she have salon-quality hair and the lung capacity of the Royal Albert Hall, she also managed to woo most of the continent into voting for a bearded Austrian trans* woman to win the Eurovision Song Contest. After the year of intolerance we’ve had from some (not naming any names, just putin it out there), Conchita’s win is also a massive victory for individuality and LGBT communities everywhere.

In her winner’s speech, she said: “This is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. We are unity and we are unstoppable.” Does the Queen ever knight Austrians? Can she knight Conchita? Can someone at least get her some kind of medal?

It was a spectacular moment. Unfortunately, I missed it all.

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