Career Opportunities: Part 2

Career Opportunities: Part 2

I’ve previously looked at what it would be like to be a Curse Breaker in the world of Harry Potter. I really enjoyed writing a sort of ‘day in the life’ type thing and have decided to continue it as a mini-series looking at different fictional jobs within the realms of Harry Potter. This next one will be a day in the life of an Auror working in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic. So, without further ado ….

A Day in the Life of Auror

Seven years at Hogwarts, 3 of Auror training, countless nights spent studying and doing research and where had it got you? Called into the department at five in the morning to ‘man the desks’ while the real Aurors, the ones who had long since finished their probationer year were out seeing real action, tracking real criminals, doing important work. Tonks, Mitchell and yourself had just finished training but still have a year to go before you lost the title ‘Probationary Auror’ – everyone calls you ‘Greens’. It was half four, not even light outside, when your slate started buzzing on the bedside table; a sleepy lumos revealed “Required in office immediately. Code Black“. Black? There had never been a Code Black; you had to think back to a year or two ago when they’d covered the different code colours. Black? Death Eaters! There had been no real Death Eater activity since His fall, just the odd one who crept out of hiding only to be caught. This was bad, really bad.

You jump out of bed and scramble into your midnight blue Auror robes, grab a power potion from the cool box and dash down to the alleyway beside your building and apparate into the Ministry Atrium. Waiting impatiently for a lift you wonder what state the office will be in when you get there, surely it had to be in pandemonium? The ride to Level 2 seems to take millennia but eventually that cool female voice announces “Level Two, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, including Improper Use of Magic Office, Auror Headquarters and Wizengamot Administration Services.” You barely wait for the doors to open before you’re sprinting down the gloomy corridor to Auror HQ. It’s eerily quiet in the large office everyone shares. Your eyes are immediately pulled to the Board; there, in Auror Shaklebolt’s flowing script:

Greens, Death Eaters at Quidditch World Cup. Stay in HQ and man the desks. Field any owls or howlers. Do not talk to the press. Will contact via slate with further instructions. DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID.

And so the waiting game begins, Tonks and Mitchell arrive shortly afterwards and seem equal parts excited and annoyed. You discuss what could possibly be happening at the World Cup, you all really wanted to get tickets a month ago but no Aurors were permitted to attend. It was marked a high-risk event and all available Aurors were placed on call, only Talbot – who was currently quarantined in St Mungos – and Jenkins – who was eight and a half months pregnant – were relieved from this duty. What could possibly be happening that required all the Aurors? You have to send a few non-committal replies to a few owls – the usual, we are doing everything within our power to ensure the situation has a favourable outcome and that those responsible are caught. Five howlers had to be vanished but that was the highlight of your morning. That is until the Board flashes red and a memo appears in the captial letters of a citizen’s emergency call:


An actual assignment. You have to do any field assignment in twos as a Probationary Auror with the permission of your senior, Shaklebolt. Tonks quickly contacts him by slate and you quickly receive the go-ahead. At the location desk you type the address into the old clunky typewriter and an image of Smyth Street appears on the wall behind. It doesn’t look like the nicest of neighbourhoods but you both quickly memorise the picture so you can apparate straight to it from the designated booth in the corner of HQ.


You appear in the dank ginnel next to The Witches Crook; like The Leaky Cauldron, this pub was only visible to magic folk and squibs. The area around the pub is deathly quiet so you and Tonks head around to the back of the building to enter through the kitchen. It’s dark and cool, no one’s cooked in here for a while. Wands out, you creep through across to the door that leads to the pub proper, it creaks ominously as you push it open making you wince. This room, too, is dark. A quick lumos and you start to scan the room, there doesn’t appear to be anyone there.

Stupefy.” A whisper from behind you, a flash of red and then nothing.


Read about a shift as a Healer here.


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