Life Ten and Counting

Life Ten and Counting

I am reading the most splendiferous book ever to come out of a German imagination: The 13 and a Half lives of Captain Bluebear (Roger Moers).

Ten lives in and this work of creative splurgery has blown my mind, put it back together again and stuck the stick of dynamite back inside. It is completely wonderful in its craziness.  The story is told as the memoirs of Captain Bluebear –  a seabear who has seen not only this world but also the 2364th Dimension. During the Novel, Bluebear recounts the first half of his life (for a bluebear has 27 lives) in its entirety. From the very moment of his coming into being Bluebear encounters the strange, unusual and downright weird.

From his travels with minipirates to being almost eaten by a gourmet island, Bluebear is always doing something different and interesting. I want to live my life like that, with the next helping of crazy just around the corner.

Till next time …


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