The Journey

The Journey

Today I find myself on a train … several trains in fact. And so, despite the lack of a laptop I have decided to regail you with my thoughts and feelings about journeys.

In theory I love them. My favourite stories have always been about the journey and not the final destination.  I first realised this when reading the Chronicles of Narnia; despite all the action, adventure and admirable heroics resplendent throughout the books, my favourite was The Horse and his Boy.

You always learn the most about a person when they’re battling through the forest undergrowth, staggering through deserts and  pulling themselves up mountains. It’s hard to get where you need to be, you need to be vigilant and patient when all you want to do is collapse into sleep and strangle your companion(s).  Reading of these journeys means I’ve travelled thousands of leagues, seen countless new lands and have earned all my blisters even though, in reality, the closest I’ve come to any of this is a Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

I do love to travel though. Boat, train and foot are my current favourites (I get travel sick on anything else), you get to see so many things you may have otherwise missed.  And sometimes I can pretend I’m leaving my hobbit hole in the sleepy Shire to go on an adventure.


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